Wildlife Conservation

Learn in the wild... volunteers will experience nature at its best thus enhancing learning and understanding of African wildlife through valuable field research. Proposed options include researching alongside campfire managers and wardens of local council or assisting in our in-house current project of aquaculture.  

Conservation Education & Activities 
Volunteers may assist in a number of exciting conservation initiatives in surrounding areas:

Volunteers will be involved in a number of activities such as regeneration of the local village back to its natural state, planting of indigenous trees, helping on game counts etc.

Conservation Field Trips
In addition, you may take local school children into the bush on field trips. By experiencing the game reserve and its wildlife for themselves, the children will learn to appreciate the area they live in, and get a better understanding of why these efforts are being made. It will also provide them with a fun and relaxing day out; something they don't experience often!

Conservation Education in the community
As a volunteer, you may visit the local schools and deliver a workshop about the reason for, and methods of conservation to the school children.