AfricaVision warmly welcomes you! Based upon the hard work accomplished thus far AfricaVision is quickly becoming a recognized specialist provider of exciting and educational volunteer programmes that bring communities of this Globe together.

AfricaVision believes that every volunteer is an individual, and as such, possess varying skills that can greatly assist others. Volunteers have the opportunity to select which programmes they would like to be incorporated in based upon the approach that we are all here to help in both small and big ways. Personal guidance will be provided to direct your passion so that help is provided in the most productive manner for the sake of the local community that we are striving to aid. Africa Vision's challenge is to make sure that you are as prepared as possible when being placed in order for your volunteering to be both enjoyable and worthwhile for you and the local communities where you are placed.

The hospitality of the local community allows our volunteers to have a full share in their community service as they immerse themself into the local culture and village living providing a unique experience for our volunteers. Our volunteer programmes provide the perfect opportunity for volunteers to live within rural homes sharing stories, life experiences, learning the local language and partaking in the locally cooked food. This approach will be indelibly added to the many memorable experiences, that a volunteer will gain during their programme at AfricaVision.

It is fundamental to AfricaVision that our programmes actively benefit the local environment and communities in which they operate. We place volunteers in existing projects, working alongside local people. We work with local partners for all our volunteering programmes, which mean that you'll receive support from the people who know the country the best.  

Africa Vision endeavours to ensure that you have worthwhile and memorable volunteer experiences with lots to talk about when you return home. The cost incurred by this experience will ultimately bring you benefit in terms of experience and job prospects as well as providing you with the satisfaction that  the work you have accomplished during your stay will be deeply appreciated by the communities' you worked in as true friendships are formed.

Africa Vision remains neutral in all its activities meaning we do not share any opinions about Local and National political affairs, nor are we affiliated to any religious entity. We solely promote community welfare in their quest to improve the lives of people within the said districts, through this avenue of volunteer tourism.