Teaching & Education

To leave a legacy of learning... our teaching programmes are characterized by people who want to learn, despite limited resources. Teaching in Africa is an extremely moving experience. It allows you a unique insight into local cultures and the chance to give a profound gift to those less fortunate, by providing a gift that can drastically alter their potential and thus future.  

Volunteer areas of involvement 
Teaching Assistants - As a teaching volunteer you will spend your day in one of the community schools. While the teacher is in front of the classroom, teaching a class, it is extremely valuable to have a teaching assistant who can go around and help individual children with their assignments. The extra help volunteers provide has the potential to make a lasting difference by identifying students who are falling behind and in turn provide the additional support.

Group Work 
In schools there will be groups of children who may struggle to keep up the pace with the rest of the class. Volunteers can utilize their training to aid these children with greater repetition to enhance learning for example.  All too often students fall behind, which is a difficult trend to stop due to the lack of resources to help the struggling children. Volunteering and early intervention is therefore essential.   

Local Schools 
Binga local schools are run by a very dedicated group of local staff members who do their best to provide for the children but are sadly lacking resources. Volunteers will assist in the classrooms helping teachers in their classes by contributing new ideas and support, even when these volunteers leave the country, thus remaining a valuable resource aid and comfort to these hard working teachers through their continued communications of support whether personal or academic.