Sports Coaching

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Coaching Football: 
Football in Zimbabwe has a massive following! This passion for football is also shown by the government and National team and Binga can boast of former National team players who use football as a tool to gain recognition for Zimbabwe. Many schools in Binga practice football but many lack good sports equipment. Therefore, all schools would appreciate your help, but also donations like footballs, cones, practice bibs etc. gifts that many volunteers kindly take with them, and the donations that Travellers continues to provide thereafter.

You will coach football to children at schools and also assist the staff to arrange matches and tournaments. You'll also coach football in one or more schools in the local area, working together with the teachers. You will also assist the pupils in learning how to fund raise in order to assist with their sporting costs.

Coaching takes place from Monday to Friday with optional training on the weekends. You will be coaching during P.E. lessons in a number of surrounding schools, usually from 9am – 3pm. After school, usually from 3:30pm – 6pm, you will be coaching a number of differing sports teams.

The sad fact is that not many people have the opportunity to play or receive coaching in rugby in Zimbabwe. As a Volunteer rugby coach you will be working in a number of schools around Binga. You'll usually have sessions from 9 am to around 3 pm, Mondays to Fridays, coaching rugby during P.E. lessons. We are keen to develop rugby in this area at the grassroots level and expose as many people as possible to the sport so that they can progress to club, provincial and national levels.  

Volleyball is a popular sport. As a Travellers Volleyball coach, you will be working in a number of schools around Binga, usually from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday, coaching volleyball during P.E. lessons.

Most Cricketers in Binga don't get the chance to play cricket. As a Volunteer cricket coach you will be working in a number of schools from Monday to Friday around Livingstone from 9 – 3 coaching cricket during P.E. lessons. We are keen to develop cricket at grass roots level and expose as many people to the sport as possible.  

Netball and basketball are popular sports in Binga. Many people play Netball and this sport is widely played and there are a number of talented players which bodes well for the level of training and expertise these girls have enjoyed over the years. More attention is required to identify the best and enhance their chances of taking these skills further for their benefit. A lot of schools however have very poor facilities, so with Volunteer travellers' help and over time we hope to improve this aspect for Binga schools initially.