Sales & Marketting

Whatever your experience or skills, if you feel you can assist African Vision in helping these rural communities, then we can provide you the opportunity to experience working in Africa.  

Volunteer areas within administration are currently being accepted for the following: 
1. Project Management 
2. Animal Management 
3. Marketing 
4. Fundraising 
5. Research 
6. Hospitality Management   

Project Management 
Project Management - considering the project as a whole; where volunteers will be responsible for the complete overview of the project they are based at. Project Managers ensure that the resources they are provided with are utilised to their full potential. A large part of this role is co-coordinating and ensuring the tasks required by the operation are accomplished.    

Hospitality Management 
Hospitality is a crucial part of any volunteer tourist operation ensuring that our guests are satisfied with their visit. Duties will vary according to project location and experience.

Animal Management 
Animal management requires the monitoring of the welfare of the animals under their care. Our project is currently involved with aquaculture however animal husbandry and new farming methods are encouraged to enable food security and sustainability for the local community.  

You will not only have the chance to design and create new marketing campaigns, but you will also get an in-depth view of how the marketing process works, how and why decisions are made, and most importantly, how to make the most of a budget no matter the circumstances.