We are situated within a National Park on the shores of Kariba in the Zambezi Basin. This is a beautiful area encompassing stunning and ecologically diverse areas. The area is home to the Tonga tribe, a lively group of people with a very colourful culture. It is within this impressive setting that we offer you the opportunity to improve your photography skills, to photograph the phenomenal wildlife in the area, and to help raise awareness in the local community about the importance of conservation.

This project has a number of long-term aims to raise awareness and help preserve the precious African environment. Today despite entering excellent photographs to various competitions we have yet to gain any monetary value to plough back into this community, a situation we hope to improve upon thus require help.

Research Photographers may be involved with helping collect animal identification information and other data research. This avenue provides the volunteer with a unique opportunity to encounter some of Africa's most beautiful animals, to improve your photography skills, as well as to contribute to conservation efforts. Please note that these projects are generic in nature and are always evolving so are likely to be at different stages upon your arrival. Volunteers should be prepared to be involved in a wide spectrum of project work as things progress.