Volunteer Tourism Rates
14 Day - Full board package: £850
21 Day - Full board package: £1250
28 Day - Full board package: £1650
*Longer periods can be negotiated*

Corporate and Donation The lifeblood of any successful organization is the money donated by others, whether it is through individual or corporate giving. AfricaVision is endeavouring to provide a model for Binga as a developing area and although we welcome kind donations we would like to ultimately become self-funding through our various projects, aquaculture and volunteer tourism being just two examples so we in turn can provide the local community with the "model" and hope that through hard work and ingenuity they too can provide for themselves and not rely on donor agencies.

Volunteer tourism provides a service to those from first world communities to gain a world perspective on real issues faced by others and we hope their experiences in Binga will make them a 'friend of Binga' for life.  So when they leave this project they will not forget Binga but continue to see opportunities to provide goods and services which they know will help our project, providing items which are practically thrown away in the West (from clothing to vehicles), all essentials that would be truly appreciated and utilized fully in Binga.