Welcome to Africa Vision! - our projects allow all to take part and have an equal share through extensive and varied programs. All our volunteers will have an opportunity to connect with the local communities in different ways and to interlink together, to help aid one another and to make a considerable impact on each other's lives. These cultural exchanges include teaching, building, home-based care, adult literacy, sustainable farming and the like. For those who are interested in a hands-on approach look no further. We encourage our volunteers to always look at these rural communities needs and initiate their own projects and funding which we'll support based on merit.

Whilst volunteering for Africa Vision, you will also have access to the amazing fauna and flora of this remote area as well as be personally guided through some of the most breath taking areas Africa has to offer being the Victoria Fall's and National parks to name a few as well as having the chance to explore some of the lesser acknowledged local natural phenomenon's which are remote and less known. We provide a safe environment with the basic comforts known in the West whilst offering access to a rich rural life and settings, where volunteering can both be considered as a rewarding opportunity, to give of one's time, resources and expertise as well as a time of reflection and fulfilment as another's culture is assimilated.

Africa Vision accredits each volunteer at the conclusion and provides documentation which can be attached to CV's in relation to the project undertaken. The local council endorse projects that fall within the district which in turn can be referred to and acknowledged providing future employers a mechanism to access a volunteer's true character and thus value.